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Where to find the best sashimi of Sao Paulo

You probably already heard that Sao Paulo is hosting the biggest Japanese community in the world outside Japan, but I'm pretty sure you have no idea what does it means eating Sushi and Sashimi here in Sao Paulo.

At first you have to consider that real Sushi and Sashimi are probably only made in Japan and not even every place in Japan would be consider "traditional".

Once we can assume this then we can start exploring and tasting the delicious Brazilian-Japanese food that is made in Sao Paulo bu the Nikkei-Brazilian community ;)

This is the story of Peixaria Mitsugi and Antonio & Luis Fernando!

The Peixaria Mitsugi opened as fish shop in the 1971 and since then has been selling fresh fish in the Japanese neighborhood of Sao Paulo called Liberdade.

In 2012 Sozaburo Mitsugi passed away and left the shop to Antonio that according to Mitsugi San was the only one capable to preserve the tradition.

Few years ago the shop was about to close despite being one of the best places in town for getting very fresh fish.

And then comes into play Luis Fernando an habitual client that decide to buy the shop and cover all the costs "basically for keeping eating on it" as he says.

Today Peixaria Mitsugi is one of the best if the best place for eating Sashimi in Sao Paulo.

Despite being almost absent on web-sites like TripAdvisor and similar we believe that eating in this place at list once while you're visiting the city represent a real experience.

Here the address, remember that is inside a gallery so you wont see it from outside: Peixaria Mitsugi Rua Galvão Bueno, 364 - Liberdade Tue to Thu, from 8am to 6pm Fridays and Saturdays, from 8am to 11pm tel: 11 3567-7670 As the fish is extremely fresh the menu changes depending on the days, according to Vogue Brasil uni, centolla and wakame are very recommended.

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