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Sao Paulo, Pinheiros - Food & Graffiti Tour

10 people

Municipal Market

2,5 hours
2 km of walk


per person

What is included
(please, consider that during the tour we might need to adapt the menu according to needs and opportunities of the moment)

  • First snack will be a surprise

  • ​Craft Beer (1 beer)

  • The best Sandwich of the neighborhood

  • Ice Cream at my favorite place in Sao Paulo

What you'll do

Discover the vibrant heart of São Paulo's Pinheiros neighborhood with our unique “São Paulo, Pinheiros - Food & Graffiti Tour.” This extraordinary experience combines the best of two worlds: the captivating street art scene and the delectable local cuisine.

Graffiti Adventure: São Paulo is an explosion of diverse and captivating street art, where every mural tells a story. Street art here is more than just paint; it's politics, expression, social inclusion, and even a creative way to advertise when billboards are forbidden. Join us as we explore the city's iconic buildings adorned with monumental murals, each with a unique tale. Many of these artworks serve a social purpose and directly impact the community. We'll share the stories behind the art and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Culinary Delights: Our adventure doesn't stop at art; it continues with a culinary journey through the streets of Pinheiros, a neighborhood that offers a perfect blend of local flavors and foreign influences. One of the oldest neighborhoods of São Paulo, Pinheiros is a captivating mix of tradition and innovation.


On this tour, divided into two parts, you'll savor:

  • Brazilian traditional Snack and Sandwich

  • Beer tasting (including one beer)

  • One of the best Ice Creams you'll ever have, trust an Italian on this ;)

Where you'll be

We'll begin at Pinheiros Municipal Market, an easily accessible and perfect spot for our first food stop. 


Afterward, we'll explore the area on foot, with beer and sandwiches on the way.


We'll journey through Rua dos Pinheiros to Rua Fradique Coutinho, discovering over 10 murals and graffiti while I provide insights and accurate information. 

Our tour concludes at the ice cream shop.

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