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Pinheiros Gourmet Food Tour

8 people

Municipal Market

3 hours
2 km of walk


per person
420 EUR / 2100 BRL
private group

What is included
(please, consider that during the tour we might need to adapt the menu according to needs and opportunities of the moment)

  • Tapioca Dice 

  • Neapolitan Pizza 

  • Fish tasting

  • ​Craft Beer Tasting or Wine Tasting (depending on availability)

  • Ice Cream

What you'll do

What about visiting a Market out of touristic paths, strongly local and incredible good?

Even better if this place represent a perfect mix between local food and foreigns influences!

The Pinheiros Municipal Market, located in the vibrant Pinheiros neighborhood, it is a point of reference for locals that lives around and seeks for high quality products.

The neighborhoods itself (for some researcher the real first neighborhood of Sao Paulo) has an incredible mix of tradition and innovation, walking on its streets it is always surprising and fascinating!

This tour divided in 2 parts will make you eat a lot as well as learn about Brazilian products and its incredible diversity!

Where you'll be

We will start from Pinheiros Municipal Market​

We'll have as options for tasting and eating Mocotó​, L' Adega, Napoli Centrale and Peixaria Nsa Fatima

After eating around and visiting the shops of the market, we will finally get out from the market and starting to walk in the area.

We'll get a beer (only draft and 100% local) at an incredible place that I discovered myself sometime ago.

Taking then Rua dos Pinheiros to get to Rua Fradique Coutinho, we will discover much and much more with always the possibility of making all the stops we want! 

This tour offers options for vegetarians, gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant ;)


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