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Walking Through Paulista Avenue

10 people

Moreira Salles Institute

2.5 hours
2.5 km of walk


135 BRL
per person

What you'll do

The Avenida Paulista has represented for São Paulo the economic center of the city from the 50s until today.


Today, littered with skyscrapers and banks, in recent years it has become our most fervent cultural center as well as being a place of innovation, open air life and unexpected events ;)

We will walk along what was the old Avenida path when it was still a very rural area and we will use our imagination to understand how strongly change.

We will meet at Instituto Moreira Salles, a brand new cultural center dedicated to cinema and photography to end at Casa das Rosas (House of Roses) , one of the last examples of 
Paulista architecture of the last century


We will talk about coffee, business and architecture trying to describe how the economic boom and the growing economic spiral of the last 150 years have made São Paolo one of the most important cities in the world!

Where you'll be

•Instituto Moreira Salles Cultural Center,

•Conjunto Nacional, architectural innovation building and home to Livraria Cultura

•Trianon Park and exteriors of the Masp, Museum of Arts of São Paulo

•Fiesp, building and architecture by Rino Levi

•Itaú Cultural, Sesc Paulista with a visit to the terrace

•Casa das Rosas, with a visit to the house

•Japan House, cultural center of Japanese culture

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