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What the press says about Concrete Jungles Walking Tours

Giuliano Orlando Rai Itaia interveiw

12th March 2020


Giuliano was born in Pompeii and studied in Rome, but is now a tourist guide of San Paolo. He speaks 4 languages ​​and his customers come from all over the world, but there are also many ...

logo rai italia

Luigi Maria Perotti

Giuliano Orlando on the top of Copan Building

12th March 2020

Google Local Guide

The Local Guides program has released a new video debuting its updated mission and featuring 20 Local Guides from around the world...

Google Local Guide

Google Local Guides

Graffiti Tour in Sao Paulo

17th February 2020


"The tours are designed to escape the ordinary and also invite the visitor to reflect on the city of São Paulo."

logo catraca livre


Giuliano Orlando for Folha de S. Paulo

6th November 2019

Folha de S. Paulo

I've lived in Greece, Spain, Portugal and New York for a while. I came to Brazil for the first time in 2015, to spend a month. I ended up settling here...

logo Folha de S. Paulo

Flávia Mantovani

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