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Liberdade Street Food Tour

10 people

Liberdade Square

2.5 hours
2 km of walk


38 EUR  –  40 USD 
per person
200,00 R$ BRL

Street Food Tour Menu (included)
(please notice that this is a street food tour, we eat while walking and visiting the streets)

Pastel de Feira & Sugar Cane Juice 

Like was a giant gyoza, the Japanese Pastel it is something you won't find in Japan but only in the Japanese neighborhood of São Paulo

Onigiri 🍙

Onigiri is a rice ball, first time documented in the 11th century. In the 1980s, became a very popular street snack. 

Argentinian Empanada 🥟

NEW! Furai is a beautiful meeting between Argentinian Empanadas and Chinese Dumpling

Takoyaki 🐙

Amazing Octopus Balls made by the most lovely grandma of Liberdade

Chu-cream or Xi-Crim au craquelin 🥯

What happens when you try to say in Korean “Chou à la crème”?

What you'll do

Did you know that São Paulo is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan?

Liberdade, a place with a strong and very long history, once a local executive and military district, became 100 years ago the place of fixation for Japanese immigrants in the city of São Paulo.

Today a place of migrants from many places, China, Korea, Congo, Haiti, this neighborhood is a blast of cultures and diversity!

All of this diversity can be very well synthesized in its peculiar and differentiated cuisine.

Ready to taste Japanese pastel with tropical sugarcane juice, discover about Brazilian ‘sushi’, and more?

Where you'll be

We will start from Liberdade Square

After an historical introduction to the neighborhood, we'll take the main street and get some snacks.

After eating around will be the time for architecture and residential villas, let's discover who's living today in this area.

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