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Giuliano the tour guide, standing with a tour guide license in his hand

FOUNDER @ Concrete Jungles Walking Tours 

Professional tour guide in Brazil and LATAM,


I am a traveler, humanist, graduated in cinema, theater and fine arts.

In love with languages, cities and culture.


Originally from the ancient city of Pompeii, I have been guiding walking tours in Italy, Spain, and Portugal and for 3 years here in Sao Paulo.

I am the founder and creator of Concrete Jungles Walking Tours, a very successful Walking Tours project that has been taking place here in Sao Paulo since 2017.

Living in Sao Paulo I fell in love with this city, its history and its rich and varied culture

My history as a tour guide begins in Seville, where I worked as a gourmet guide for Pancho Tours

Specialized in wines and typical products of Andalusia, my task was to introduce visitors into an unforgettable culinary experience​

Sevilla, Plaza de España
Catedral de Sevilla
Sevilla, La Seta
Naples Acqueduct
Naples Acqueduct
Underground of Naples

Two years later, I was in Naples, in Italy. 

This time, 40 meters below street level, I had the opportunity to tell the stories and legends belonging to the Greco-Roman aqueduct of Naples.

Still in Naples, but a few months later, I had the honor of taking part in one of the most beautiful projects I have ever worked on:

Napoli That's Amore Free Walking Tour…

Giuliano tour guiding in Naples
Naples Vesuvius
Giuliano tour guiding in Naples
Giuliano tour guiding in Lisbon
Giuliano tour guiding in Lisbon
Giuliano tour guiding in Sao Paulo

To then move to Lisbon and develop my personal tourism project.

Concrete Jungles Walking Tours

today offering one successful walking tour in Lisbon and amazing walking tours in São Paulo, Brazil!

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