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Stories of Italians in Sao Paulo

8 people

Outside Megafauna Bookshoop

3 hours
2 km of walk


Promotional Price
120 BRL

What you'll do

This educational and tourist experience is tailored for those eager to immerse themselves in the Italian language while exploring the lives of notable Italian personalities within the historical center of São Paulo.

The tour will be conducted in Italian and Portuguese, providing a rich linguistic experience. I'll be available to address all your questions and curiosities as we embark on a journey through the captivating streets of the city center.

Our exploration begins at 10:00 am, meeting outside the Megafauna bookshop located at the back of Copan Building. Throughout the tour, we'll focus on Italian personalities who have left their mark on São Paulo's history and culture.

Main Italian Personalities:

Gian Carlo Gasperini: Architect from Castellammare di Stabia, responsible for the Metrópole Gallery and other emblematic buildings in São Paulo.

Bruno Giorgi: Italian sculptor, author of the statue of Dante in Praça Dom José Gaspar, with an influential artistic career in Brazil.

Giuliana Segre: Italian anti-fascist intellectual, translator, and wife of sculptor Bruno Giorgi, also active in disseminating Brazilian culture in Italy.

Guglielmo Marconi: Italian physicist, known for the invention of wireless telegraphy and responsible for the illumination of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Amedeo Zani: Italian sculptor, author of the statue of Giuseppe Verdi in São Paulo, with a significant life and artistic career in Brazil.

Luigi Chiaffarelli: Italian pianist and teacher, considered a fundamental figure for the development of music education in Brazil.

Gino Meneghetti: Italian criminal famous for his thefts and spectacular escapes in São Paulo, becoming a mythological figure in local chronicles.

Pietro Maria Bardi: Italian art critic and patron, founder of the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) together with Lina Bo Bardi.

Lina Bo Bardi: Italian-Brazilian architect, author of the architectural and curatorial project of MASP, with an important legacy in Brazilian architecture.

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