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Stories of Italians in Sao Paulo

8 people

Outside Megafauna Bookshoop

3 hours
2 km of walk


Promotional Price
120 BRL

What you'll do

Ready for this new Walking Tour?

In collaboration with the Italian Professor Giulia Di Silvestro we prepared this educational/tourist experience for all those who want to immerse themselves in the Italian language and learn more about the Italians who have passed through here.

The walk will be strictly in Italian, but don't be afraid, our teacher will be available to answer all your questions and curiosities! Me, by my side, will guide you on a historical and literary journey through the streets of our wonderful city center!

The tour will start at 10:00 am at a point outside the Megafauna bookshop located at the back of Copan, and will end with a breathtaking view from one of the most charming terraces in the center!

Where you'll be

We will start from the Megafauna bookstore (behind the beautiful Copan Building)

We will discover all this stories of Italians while walking through the historic center.

Around 1pm we will be back at the same starting point, but the tour will end with an incredible view

Bring with your curiosity, comfortable shoes and many questions!

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