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10 people


2 hours
2 km of walk


100 BRL


Meeting Point: Edificio Italia Entrance 344 Avenida Ipiranga, Republica

Highlights: Theatro Municipal, Edificio Matarazzo, San Francisco Convent, San Benedict Monastery,

Se Cathedral, main streets of the historical downtown.

Ending Point: Liberdade Square (Japanese Neighborhood)

Check the complete itinerary at this link: Discover São Paulo With Me – Google List

What you'll do

Join Me to Explore São Paulo's Diverse Immigrant Communities.

Discover the stories of Italians, Afro-Brazilians, Japanese, Syrian-Lebanese, and many others as we delve into the history of the first skyscraper in Latin America, the natives, and the oldest path of South America.


Take a walk through the city's new center and historic downtown, where Jesuits, conquerors, churches, banks, migrants, and immigrants have all left their mark.


Learn about the transformation of São Paulo over the last 100 years and experience what it means to live in this vibrant metropolis.

Climb to the top of the city to admire its vastness and then dive into its communities to get lost in its colors, scents, and hidden details.


As a resident of this beautiful mess, I can't wait to share my daily experiences with you.

Where you'll be

This tour begins in the center of an extraordinary triad of buildings: Copan, Italy and Hilton!


We will meet in the heart of the new center, once the most important financial district of the city and today a place of Bohemian, street artists and fantastic restaurants.


Then we will go down and cross the city through the “new” and the “old” center.


We will move from the new center to the old one by visiting the Municipal Theater, the Martinelli Palace and the Cathedral da Sé as well as the Convent of San Francisco.


Last but not least, we will arrive in Japan Town!

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