The best viewpoint of Sao Paulo for free? At the Copan Building!

As you probably know Sao Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world and its development has been so high and fast that in already in the 20's we started growing not only in width but also in height.

The city of i is a stretch of skyscrapers that seems to never end.

Indeed one of the best thing to do in the city, if you like the concrete jungles landscapes, is to jump on a very high building and look at its breathtaking view.

Along the years many skyscrapers opened their terraces to visitors but not rarely they charge you for the visit or you're invited to consume something at their bars.

Well, not everywhere is like that.

The Copan Building, one of the largest residencial building in the world and signed by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, is our best solution.

Twice a day indeed, at 10am and 3pm people start crawling at its entrance for getting to the terrace. From Monday to Friday in fact, the elevator of the Copan Building is open to visitors for FREE for 15 minutes, to visit the terrace, take some pics if you like and then kindly leave when the firemen start inviting you to.

The terrace of Copan Building is certainly one of the best view points of the city, 360º degrees view from where you can see, or at least imagine, the whole city of Sao Paulo.

The Copan Building is in Ipiranga Avenue, 200, Sao Paulo - check the map here

The visit at the terrace is always from Monday to Friday at 10am and 3pm

On Tuesday and Thursday our Graffiti Walk starts from there as well ;)

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