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Why São Paulo is the coolest city in South America?

Foto por Luiz Coelho CC BY-SA 3.0

The city of São Paulo, capital of the homonymous state, is the largest city in America. It might be different from what you imagine about Brazil since you won’t find the expected tropical vibe in this concrete jungle.

Instead, you will find a lot of other things that make this place unique and vibrant! This city truly never sleeps and you can discover amazing things to do anytime. This is surely the place that hosts the hugest diversity of the Americas.

In São Paulo you can get know a bit of Siria, a bit of Bolivia, a bit of Haiti. You can travel around the world by its many flavours, accents, clothes and music. That doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have its own personality. You will find out that it embraces other cultures to build your own culture.

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It’s super cosmopolitan

São Paulo has that decadent charm that only cities like London and New York have. There are people from every place of the world, from Argentina to Lebanon, so the population is very heterogeneous and open-minded.

Paulistas, how is called people from São Paulo, love immigrants, therefore you will feel at home. It is the capital of the business in Brazil, which makes this city the richest in the country, with a high level of education and it is also a quite busy city.

It has the best restaurants

All that mix of cultures and nationalities reflects on its food. In São Paulo you can eat from the best sushi of your life to the best national dishes. You probably will find food that please you. Here you can also enjoy internationally known restaurants, such as D.O.M., the only one in Brazil with two Michelin stars, and Esquina Mocotó, nationally known for its comfort food from the north of Brazil.

Its nightlife is vibrant

When it comes to fun, the city plays hard. São Paulo can be very serious during the day, but at night the city glows! You will find “botecos”, how are called the bars on every corner, ready to serve you a perfect cold beer.

If you prefer to go out to dance the whole night, São Paulo has the best nightclubs in the country for every kind of style. From the award-winning D-Edge, that brings international DJs from around the world, to the Yacht Club, one of the best LGBT+ nightclubs with the best of pop music.

It breathes street art

Walking in São Paulo is a multisensory experience, where you will be in contact with various forms of artistic expression, especially graffiti and the alternative style and more condemned by society: “PIXO”. São Paulo export names of the art street, such as Os Gemeos, Kobra and Cranio and every time you are thinking the city is too grey, you can look above to see a huge and colourful mural. If you are a fan of street art it is highly recommended enjoy the São Paulo GRAFFITI Free Walk.

It’s made by urban tribes

There is a place where a hippie, a skater and an indie coexist in harmony. This place is São Paulo. You’ll see all the time groups with different styles enjoying the same place. There are some neighborhoods where you can find more people from a specific group than others, but in general, everybody respects each other. You can notice this more clearly on Rua Augusta and Praça Roosevelt during the night when the only general concern is where to drink!

Let São Paulo surprises you!

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