A day trip to the old English village of Paranapiacaba

Paranapiacaba, in Tupi language "from where you can see the sea" is a small village today protected and declared historical and cultural heritage just 1 to 2 hours away from the city center of Sao Paulo.

Paranapiacaba pic by Concrete Jungles Walking Tours

This village was made by the English, together with the Brazilian government, to accommodate the workers settled here during the construction of the Sao Paulo Railway.

Located in an area of ​​environmental preservation, this small cluster of houses is nestled in the Atlantic forest!

It can be visited in one day and there is also the possibility of taking a room and spending the night here.

How to get there:

Paranapiacaba can be visited in one day and it is easy to reach with a combination of metro + bus

(total cost 4.30+ bus fee, usually about 4 as well)

From the city of Sao Paulo get the metro from anywhere and go to the BRAS station (red line)

From Bras you'll need to get a train to Rio Grande da Serra - Line 10 Turquoise

Once at the terminal Rio Grande da Serra, you'll get out from the train and look for the bus Paranapiacaba - 424

This bus will leave you right at the entrance of the village!

Other option, easier but definitely more expensive and necessary to book in advance

For 50 Reais BRL$ you can also get a train from the LUZ Station directly to Paranapiacaba.

Here you can check the schedule and book it

If you wanna know more about this beautiful village, there is a very nice article at this website: Atlas Obscura, enjoy it!

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