Beaches near São Paulo city to enjoy the weekend

Barra do Una por Jurema Oliveira CC BY-SA 3.0

If I tell you to imagine Brazil, you’ll probably picture in your mind a beautiful beach with white sand surrounded by the jungles, isn’t that true? This is what people usually expect when they’re planning to visit a tropical country. What if I tell you that this dream could be not just a dream. Even better, few of this paradisiacal beaches are here, not far from the huge city of Sao Paulo

There are many beaches near São Paulo where you can enjoy a perfect beach day at just 1 hour driving from Sao Paulo). However, if you have time to go a little further, you will find even wilder beaches with indescribable natural beauty. Discover now the best options for a weekend on the beach near São Paulo!

Praia de Iporanga - Guarujá

115 km from São Paulo

One of Guarujá’s hidden beaches is very close to São Paulo. Prepare yourself to find a peaceful and pleasant place. The most magical thing about the place is the waterfall that flows into the sand. The entrance of cars per day is restricted, so you have to arrive early to grant access.