Beaches near São Paulo city to enjoy the weekend

Barra do Una por Jurema Oliveira CC BY-SA 3.0

If I tell you to imagine Brazil, you’ll probably picture in your mind a beautiful beach with white sand surrounded by the jungles, isn’t that true? This is what people usually expect when they’re planning to visit a tropical country. What if I tell you that this dream could be not just a dream. Even better, few of this paradisiacal beaches are here, not far from the huge city of Sao Paulo

There are many beaches near São Paulo where you can enjoy a perfect beach day at just 1 hour driving from Sao Paulo). However, if you have time to go a little further, you will find even wilder beaches with indescribable natural beauty. Discover now the best options for a weekend on the beach near São Paulo!

Praia de Iporanga - Guarujá

115 km from São Paulo

One of Guarujá’s hidden beaches is very close to São Paulo. Prepare yourself to find a peaceful and pleasant place. The most magical thing about the place is the waterfall that flows into the sand. The entrance of cars per day is restricted, so you have to arrive early to grant access.

Prainha Branca - Guarujá

121 km from São Paulo

This is a place to relax and enjoy the natural Atlantic forest that surrounds everything. The access is only by trail, which makes it a bit more exclusive. The high point is the river that meets the sea and the small local village that makes the place more picturesque. There are a few kiosks that sell drinks, beer and finger foods. Be careful with the busy waves.

Praia de Itaguaré - Bertioga

129 km from São Paulo

This beach is one of the wildest and most deserted beaches near São Paulo. There are no services there, just sand and crystal clear water, so pack some snacks and water. It is located inside the Restinga Bertioga State Park. It has three kilometres of extension and offers good points for swimming and fishing.

Barra do Una - São Sebastião

146 km from São Paulo

Just like Prainha Branca, what makes Barra do Una unique is the meeting of the Una river with the sea, forming a small sand peninsula. Its crystal clear waters and soft sand guarantee a great option for those who want to have a Brazilian beach experience near the capital of São Paulo. It has a great infrastructure with hotels and restaurants and also some tents, which serve drinks, beers and finger foods.

Juquehy - São Sebastião

152 km from São Paulo

Beautiful, clean with good infrastructure. From the sand, you can see several small islands and when you turn your head you see a preserved Atlantic forest in the back. It is known as the “jewel of the North Coast of São Paulo”. The place is very quiet and familiar but you can find some nice bars and restaurants to enjoy the night.

Now that you know about those places, do not forget to add it on your itinerary! :)

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