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Hi, my name is Giuliano and yes... I was born in Pompeii :)

When I introduce myself to new people, they seem, at least at the first time, not to believe that I’m from the city of Pompeii, the same city that in the 79 DC was destroyed and covered by the ashes of the Vesuvius, our dear volcano!

Now, living in Pompeii and with a father photographer of archaeological finds and a mother who has been working in the ruins for 30 years now, I have always had extremely privileged access to the excavations and its incredible heritage! Think, and I'm not kidding, that when I was a child, I was often let go around in the ruins, as if they were my playground!

Also, as a young man, I had the chance of living and working in Naples and bring tourists all around from the city to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento. 

In a virtual tour of 1 hour, I want to give as more insight is possible, preparing yourself for the day you’re gonna visit Pompeii and Naples in person, telling to you what I believe you must see along your journey in one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean region!

This is an Online Virtual Tour

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Make sure you're in a quiet environment, no matter how many people are with you as long as you feel comfortable.  


Please consider that the session might be recorded time by time for internal use, but in any case, you'd be noticed before and able to don't appear in photos or videos taken during the session. 

Make sure your internet connection is stable and strong enough to enjoy this experience at its best and make sure you have a lot of questions :) I'd be happy to answer all of theme!

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