Concrete Jungles Ethical Code

  1. We are independent and autonomous, we are the leaders of ourselves

  2. We decided to walk to reduce the environmental impact of tourist activity in the city

  3. We are not "local". We live in the city but our origins may be from another place or country 

  4. We believe that the knowledge of a city is acquired by effort and study and not by the right of blood or citizenship

  5. All the places fon any other service or activity we may recommend, under your request,  during our tours are only places we tried in firsthand and we feel to recommend because we first like them

  6. For the same reason we declare we don't receive any commission from any commercial activity in return for recommendations

  7. What makes our time incredibly joyful is the love for what we do and the time we spend on it

  8. We believe that walking is a chance of cultural exchange for everyone

  9. We also believe it is important to keep our impact on the environment low, whether urban or natural 


Every individual is taking part to Concrete Jungles ​subscribe our Manifesto and is committed on respecting it

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